Top 5 Marketing Blogs To Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness


01 Aug, 2010

Top 5With so much information overload on the web, how are you supposed dig through it all to find the best support resources for the marketing tools you are currently using or should be using? A great marketing blog can provide you with common practices and guidelines, free market research, and inspire a new initiative within your business. There are also oftentimes creative, out of the box approaches to the same common problems  everyone faces when marketing in today’s world filled with lots of noise trying to grab the consumer’s attention.



Here are 5 great blogs that will help you excel in different marketing aspects to ensure your company is a top performer in each of these key areas.

1. Hubspot
Inbound Marketing – Landing Pages

Hubspot continues to expand its product offering to include all aspects of inbound marketing such as driving traffic to landing pages, blogs, social media, and email, then closing the loop to nurture and analyze the leads. Known for their amazing marketing webinars, often times given by co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, they cover topics such as Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing and A CEO’s Guide to Internet Marketing. Check out their free Website Grader to see how your site stacks up in marketing effectiveness and tips to improve.

2. ExactTarget
Email Marketing

Whether you are looking for email marketing design tips, thought leadership, or research about the email marketing industry, the ExactTarget blog covers it all. The Direct Marketing Association predicts the average ROI for email marketing is $43.52. To ensure your marketing money is spent wisely and achieve at least the average ROI, be sure to check out all the great information on the ExactTarget blog.

3. SEOmoz
Search Engine Optimization

SEOmoz is the authority on link authority. Get the advice you need to get your site on the first page of more search results and drive more traffic to your site as a result. They talk about How to Benchmark Analytics, 7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends to Improve SEO, and beloved Whiteboard Friday videos like Outsourcing Content Creation.

4. Social Media Examiner
Social Media

The website tag-line says it all – “Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle.” Social Media is the tool that is evolving the fastest, which is why many marketers see it as the scariest.  “What if we get on Twitter and consumers don’t like our products and say bad things about us?“, the concerned marketer may say. Well at least you know what they are saying and can potentially react to it. Maybe that means a product redesign, or improved customer service, or a new guitar and a free flight. No matter what the case, Social Media Examiner has posts about how to better utilize Facebook, connecting with consumers, or even plan your entire social media strategy.

5. Seth Goden
Marketing Thought Leader

Pick the brilliant brain of Seth Goden every day as he shares profound thoughts and views about marketing on his blog. You will find topics like Solving the Perfect Problem or what the Kindle could do to grab some serious market share. Be like Seth and become a thought leader in your industry. Use all the tools mentioned above to take your sphere of influence and become known as an expert in your industry.

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