Alternative Idea to New Year’s Resolutions


26 Feb, 2011

Every year, people around the world make the terrible decision to set New Years resolutions for themselves. They often times revolve around giving something up. Stop smoking, lose weight, get out of debt. Here it is the end of February and my guess is that the majority of people out there already broke their resolutions because they set an unobtainable goal for themselves. Besides that, if you wanted to become the best person you could possibly be and you knew you needed to do a specific thing to achieve it, why would you wait until the beginning of the year to start? Why not June 30th?

Instead of setting yourself up for failure in 2011, steal a concept from blogger Chris Brogan and come up with 3 focus areas for the year. These don’t have to be specific actions or smart goals, just words to guide you throughout the year.

I chose Lead, Brand, Execute.

Why did I select these words to guide me through this year? I recently moved into a new management position at work and want to be the best leader and mentor possible to my team. I also want to lead the startup revolution in this world with my contributions through StartupRoundup and other projects.

I also want to continue creating a reputation for myself, a brand if you will. This mostly consists of networking and trying to bring to light all this things I work so hard on in a non-egotistical way. If you can’t toot your own horn, no one else will, and therefore, no one else will know of your great acomplishments. My current networking strategy is to participate in the conversation about business and startups though my blog posts as well as being more active on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Finally, all ideas are worthless without execution. There is no shortage for project and startup ideas out there. Big or small, none of them will get off the ground and see the light of day without proper execution and follow-through.

What 3 words or phrases best describe what you want to accomplish this year? Write them down on your whiteboard or somewhere else you can see them everyday and use them to guide you to success in 2011!

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